Not Just a Goat – CPAR Initiative

What started out as a simple illustration as part of the Donate a Day for Africa initiative that is organized by Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief has turned into a full blown campaign to support goat farmers in Malawi.

Initially, the goat was added in as a simple visual so that the postcard would not be so text heavy as well as a nice illustration to bring home the importance of these animals to the farmers who depend on them for their livelihood as well as the milk they provide. It took a bit of convincing to “trust the goat” as I kept saying jokingly. From this simple goat, a great many other tools were created to help in raising funds for the initiative.

I eventually created a more elaborate illustration of the goat’s head as well as its body to be featured in various tools as well as its own website . CPAR also created a video to help educate about the initiative. You can check it out here.

Knowing that something you design is part of a tool to help out families and people in need is truly a good feeling.