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Everyday Inspiration

I love Pinterest. I could spend hours looking through the visual candy that I see there all the time. I love going through images and getting inspired. It makes me want to do more more, do better and push my creativity. A perfect example is this photo that I found today. An ice cream sundae created from colour swatches! How brilliant! Its not that I want to create it myself but the fact that sets off a multitude of ideas in my head. It could be for some design work that I am currently working on, ideas for my art or ideas for my home. Further proof that I love good design, good ideas and collaboration and really appreciate when people come up with fantastic ideas. If you are on Pinterest, check out my boards



Happy Holidays!


Pantone Colour of the Year> Radiant Orchid

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Pantone recently released the Colour of the year for 2014 – a beautiful purple fuschia. I have long been attracted to this colour

Chocolate Pantone Temptation

Sensing a theme here? well you wouldn’t be far from the truth! But eh! its not my fault, people are coming up with delicious ideas for Pantone chips! Wouldn’t it be great if we could order these? I’ll take one of each please!



A graphic designer’s journey to a logo

I have recently started perusing Pinterest

Innovative packaging ideas

I recently landed a packaging job designing a logo and bottle design for a new drink coming out in The Bahamas. I usually do research before I start my projects and came across this post by Design Swan > 20 Creative and Inspiring Package Design for Drinks

a dress after my own heart!

Check out this dress created through a collaboration between Mattel and Pantone! The article mentions that PMS219C is actually owned by Mattel.


Logos have lives?

Having done plenty of rebrands on my end – its always interesting to see what a brand has gone through to get to where they are today. Just came across this on DesignBoom’s website. The pattern seems to be that logos go from being intricate and detailed to very simplified and graphic which is, in my opinion, the goal that you need to have when designing a logo. Your clients need to recognize it at one glance. The fewer details/colours will make for fast identification and keep your brand fresh and sustainable.
Looks like I have another book to add to my library!



Get a

Jean-Paul ! J’adore!

When I saw the article about Jean-Paul Gaultier’s involvement as Creative Director for Coca-Cola Light, I had to smile. JPG is the epitome of what it is to be french. From his use of the sailor stripes, to his bold bleu / blanc / rouge use of colour to his very very french accent. He is “le frenchy” to the bones and he makes this french girl very happy.  His recent limited-edition bottle designs for Coca-Cola light are absolutely fantastic and thoroughly JP and I, being a sucker for good packaging, already have family back in the motherland scoping out the shelves for the exclusive coffret that is offered for sale. Unfortunately, being in North America, we will most likely never see the commercials or print ads but thank goodness for the internet non?

check out Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Jean-Paul Gaultier/Coca Cola Light >>  LOVE!

[via DesignTaxi]

Dictators silenced in cake

People are so busy these days, it almost takes a miracle for them to pay attention to anything for more than 2 seconds. The new campaign by Amnesty International to celebrate their 50th anniversary does just that.
Its intriguing and makes you want to look twice and hopefully for the organization, pay more attention to what they are fighting for. A well done campaign by Euro RSCG.

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There’s typography in that topography.

I came across the most fantastic thing today through a Toronto map created entirely out of typography!! This is the creative work of Ben Bromwell >> you can purchase prints of the maps here.
I do believe I will be placing my order today!

Read the original article by The Torontoist


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