Everyday Inspiration

I love Pinterest. I could spend hours looking through the visual candy that I see there all the time. I love going through images and getting inspired. It makes me want to do more more, do better and push my creativity. A perfect example is this photo that I found today. An ice cream sundae created from colour swatches! How brilliant! Its not that I want to create it myself but the fact that sets off a multitude of ideas in my head. It could be for some design work that I am currently working on, ideas for my art or ideas for my home. Further proof that I love good design, good ideas and collaboration and really appreciate when people come up with fantastic ideas. If you are on Pinterest, check out my boards



Curating Beautiful Spaces – Colourfield Salon

Although I have never actually written it down, a great part of what I do is to connect artists / artisans to opportunities to show their work and introduce their amazing talents to the world out there. It is something that I very strongly believe in. As an extension of what I do, I will now be curating spaces and events. Be on the lookout for great talent, ideas.

Innovative packaging ideas

I recently landed a packaging job designing a logo and bottle design for a new drink coming out in The Bahamas. I usually do research before I start my projects and came across this post by Design Swan > 20 Creative and Inspiring Package Design for Drinks

Pantone Tarts you say?

Pantone tarts indeed!  French food designer Emilie de Griotte created tarts inspired from the Pantone colour swatches for french culinary magazine Fricote. I do believe Pantone 1796C is my new favourite colour. This might call for a little visit to the Patisserie!  Enjoy the visual delight!


pantonetarts05 pantonetarts02 pantonetarts01 pantonetarts01

There’s typography in that topography.

I came across the most fantastic thing today through a Toronto map created entirely out of typography!! This is the creative work of Ben Bromwell >> you can purchase prints of the maps here.
I do believe I will be placing my order today!

Read the original article by The Torontoist


20120306typotoronto 20120306typotoronto2