Chocolate Pantone Temptation

Sensing a theme here? well you wouldn’t be far from the truth! But eh! its not my fault, people are coming up with delicious ideas for Pantone chips! Wouldn’t it be great if we could order these? I’ll take one of each please!



Not Just a Goat – CPAR Initiative

What started out as a simple illustration as part of the Donate a Day for Africa initiative that is organized by Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief has turned into a full blown campaign to support goat farmers in Malawi.

Initially, the goat was added in as a simple visual so that the postcard would not be so text heavy as well as a nice illustration to bring home the importance of these animals to the farmers who depend on them for their livelihood as well as the milk they provide. It took a bit of convincing to “trust the goat” as I kept saying jokingly. From this simple goat, a great many other tools were created to help in raising funds for the initiative.

I eventually created a more elaborate illustration of the goat’s head as well as its body to be featured in various tools as well as its own website . CPAR also created a video to help educate about the initiative. You can check it out here.

Knowing that something you design is part of a tool to help out families and people in need is truly a good feeling.



Pantone Food Matches

Another neat little Pantone matchup created by David Schwen – I have posted my favourites. To see the rest of the matches, check out his site Pantone Pairings

[via DesignBoom]

pantone_03 pantone_01



A graphic designer’s journey to a logo

I have recently started perusing Pinterest

Innovative packaging ideas

I recently landed a packaging job designing a logo and bottle design for a new drink coming out in The Bahamas. I usually do research before I start my projects and came across this post by Design Swan > 20 Creative and Inspiring Package Design for Drinks