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PreNuit Presents Pangea

PreNuit Presents Pangea

INSTALLATION – This past Thursday, I was invited to create an interactive installation for the guests of “Pre-Nuit presents Pangea” presented by @nuitblancheto The Nuit Blanche Opening Party featured @DirectorX’s installation “Life of the Earth” at the @OntarioScienceCentre

My installation “Eternal Flow” was a reflection of life, belonging, expansion, acceptance of destiny and the greater things at play in a universe that continues to guide us through experiences. The guests were invited to become part of the flow by interacting with the artwork as well as connect with universal creation by accepting an inspired motif based off the Kawung pattern – one of the oldest known #batik motifs.

Grateful for this experience and to be able to continue to spread the word of my beloved medium of batik.
Thank you to @inkbox for sponsoring the installation
Much thanks to NuitBlanche Director and Curator of Public Art @umbereene for her continued support of my work
and lastly to my team – my assistant, the talented @melisacole and @ybgwac for brilliantly capturing the evening.
#onwards #prenuitPangea