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Hidden Gem “Maha’s”

Hidden Gem “Maha’s”

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There are many negatives about social media but the positives are that you discover so many amazing places and people. Such is the case for me discovering a hidden gem tucked on Greenwood Ave in the east end of Toronto called Maha’s. Found out about them on a Facebook page, started to follow them there as well as Instagram where I proceeded to drool over their amazing looking food. I finally went for brunch with some friends where we shared a Chef’s Platter of delicious Egyptian food. The atmosphere at the café was so great and warm, all due to the wonderful family that runs it.

Today,  I had the pleasure to be able to hang one of my favourite pieces of all times “X. ou Mystère d’une Femme” at the café. Created for a group show in 2013, “X”‘s inspiration comes from the Goddess Isis and Egyptian art. There is a lot of symbolism in the piece that speaks to the power of women, something that is very prevalent in my artwork. [Read more HERE on my original post about her] I felt that “X” would be the perfect addition to the atmosphere and I am so happy that they have agreed to have her in their space!

To boot, I had a great breakfast and my new favourite: Honey Cardamon Latte. I highly recommend that you go check it out if you are in Toronto!
Happy Friday y’all!

226 Greenwood Ave,
just north of Gerrard