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Bubbles and Mendhi … New Inspirations

Bubbles and Mendhi … New Inspirations

No sooner than I was finishing up with Nuit Blanche that I was already creating some new work. I will be exploring creating patterns with the wax and using a wash technique which is using the same colour each time slightly darkened over and over again on the same area. In between washes, I like to apply wax patterns with the Tanting which is the special wax tool used in traditional batik. One day, I hope to be as amazing as batik artists in Indonesia / Bali in their use of the Tjanting. You know what they say .. Practice makes perfect! Here is my latest piece using this technique. I have long been a big fan of Mendhi art and am having fun using this technique with the wax. Inspiring! Can’t wait to start the next one.  g.


Example of a “Dye Wash” – usually created by building the colour slowly through layers darkened each time with a bit of dye. In between these washes, wax is applied to the fabric to create the patterns.


Latest piece created – Inspired by Mendhi / Henna. Loving the effect it has on with the washes and the wax. Stay tuned for more!