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X ou le Mystère d’une femme

X ou le Mystère d’une femme

In May 2013, I was part of a group show entitled “Laissez les femmes peindre” – the theme of the show was 26 female artists, all  representing one letter of the alphabet, which in turn had to represent something about women.

I chose X – View the piece below and my explanation of the piece further down >


Artwork Statement:

“X is the answer you are trying to find. It is an unknown quantity that only reveals itself after following a process. A certain undefinable quality, an x.factor .. strip away everything and she will expose herself to you.”

My reasoning (if you can call it that): 

When I am working on pieces I usually sketch out as well as do extensive research on the subject that I am creating. I have attached my sketch below. Granted, artwork doesn’t always totally match the final – for the most part, the essence is there.

I have always been fascinated by Goddesses from different cultures (Celtic, Egyptian, African etc) because they represent Women as being strong, independent beings that have a hand in shaping society (This is most likely because I am myself all of that – and it pulls your past into your future) Over the years, I have read about, researched and immersed myself in learning about Ancient Egypt. Partly because of a family connection (my grandfather was born in Cairo and lived there for 20yrs) but also because of the rich artistic culture that has had much influence in the world. I wanted my representation of women for this show to be about strength, independence, motherhood, shaper of minds and cultures. In this, I brought forth many artistic Egyptian symbols. I also wanted to relate my letter to the use of X in math and science. Females have 2 X chromosones and X in math is the unknown. What is most unknown (especially to men) than a woman? peel away the layers, figure out the equation to get to her core.

What was inside my head:
Here goes, follow along if you can >

X = xfactor, unknown quantity, x chromosone – female, female > woman. woman>goddess. goddess>egyptian goddess/deity goddess> Isis. Isis> Goddess Mother (check this link to learn more about here:

Isis was a protector / represented power / patroness of nature and magic –
Always represented with her arms crossed over her chest, wearing red clothing, holding an Ankh (represents the concept of eternal life – read more about it here:

Colour representation in Ancient Egyptian art>
Green – powerful/ positive / fertility / growth and regeneration

Blue – Turquoise > Divine Colours  Dark Blue>rebirth and creation

Red – Very powerful colour symbolizing 2 extremes – Life – Victory <=> Anger – Fire

Yellow – Eternal / Indestructible. Gods were represented with golden skin

White – Purity / Omnipotence, Sacred, simple

Black – Colour of Egypt – the dark silt from the Nile, Resurrection

* Interestingly enough – I am always drawn to these colours in my art so reading this when doing my research really clicked with me and brought even more meaning into my artwork.

There are symbols from Ancient Egypt that I incorporated into the background.
The throne of Egypt which represents the Goddess Isis and Queen Cleopatra
Eye of Horus – Protection + Good Health
Eggs – Symbol of Fertility
Ankh – Eternal Life
Egg with half circle over it – Represents Goddess/Queen which symbolizes fertility and ability to give Life + Food
Lotus Flower – Rebirth / Regeneration
Scarab – Sun / Transformation / Protection


Hope you enjoyed this post – it is sometimes hard to explain what happens in this artistic mind I have – sometimes I don’t even understand it until later. Looking forward to your comments. g.