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Taking our cue from nature

Taking our cue from nature


One way or another – artists take their cue from nature. Some more than others. I have always been inspired by the curvy lines and forms that you can find in nature as well as the vivid hues from flowers, the sea and fauna.

Came across this awhile back and have been sitting on it for a bit Рusing tree trunks as moulds for glass blowing. The forms that are created from using the natural wood is amazing. Talk about using what you got. That is one thing that I really like about using Modern Batik and fabric as a medium. As much as I try and control it Рin the end its going to do what it wants due to a certain weave or bump in the fabric. You never know what is going to happen. When Marco Merkel, a design student, created these pieces with his prof, he is truly working with nature as he does not know at all what he is going to get.  Makes for interesting art with forms that the human mind could possibly never think of. Sometimes, makes you think: Why mess with a good thing? g.

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