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Trojan Horse by Babis Cloud

Trojan Horse by Babis Cloud

Came across this today on DesignBoom, I love how it makes use of old parts to create something new but also goes a bit deeper with its relation to what the purpose of the Trojan horse was and the similarities with the internet. Great piece of art! g.

Excerpt from DesignBoom> “german artist babis cloud conceived ‘hedonIsM(y) trojaner’, an installation of the ancient greek trojan horse of troy fabricated from computer keyboard buttons. the recycled keys are arranged to display a gradient of ivory-white to replicate the famous animal – this time in rocking form. the sculpture is commentary on the hedonistic susceptibility of contemporary culture, referencing not only the greek mythology, but the well known ‘trojan’ virus of the internet. the consumer grip of human internet use is the pivotal point of the piece, from facebook to online groceries and internet dating, all aspects of life are infected by the mighty world wide web.”

‘hedonIsM(y) trojaner’ by babis cloud

[via designboom]

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