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Its pretty much a fact – I love everything about Modern Batik. The only thing I have had trouble with is the fact that Modern Batik needs to be protected by glass so that it doesn’t get exposed to the elements. Unlike traditional batik that is dipped in hot water to rid it of excess dyes, the beauty and the vivacity of the modern batik technique is due to the fact that for the most part, you don’t remove the dyes. This is why, I am able to have bright bold colours in my art. I have been working on figuring out different techniques to modernize the mounting process. Most people don’t want the traditional frames and matting anymore. Resin, stretched canvas are more acceptable these days. I had to figure out a way to modernize the framing.

After some digging around, I have found a solution that won’t compromise my dyes! Excited that from now on, I can spray my pieces and then mount them on a wooden surface with adhesive and respraying with an acrylic spray. I have tested it out this weekend and will be keeping an eye out on my sample to see how it fares over the next week or so. If it looks good, then I will be presenting my 2012 collection in this fashion. Looking forward to the comments about this new framing technique. g.