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Music and Art

Music and Art

Its no coincidence that music and art are always together. One inspires the other. When I start working on a piece, I am always listening to soothing Baroque classical music or inspiring House music. It gets my creative juices flowing and lets my mind wander away from the every day worries so that I can create a beautiful piece of work.

I recently was asked to participate in an event called Vibe, an evening celebrating music and art. My artwork will be showcased Thursday December 15th at Locus 144 (Liberty Village, TO) with DJ sets as well as live music to inspire the audience. I am excited to present what is in my opinion, my best piece to date: SBTFly as well as 2 new pieces in a medium I seldom work in: Acrylic.

Its always nerve racking when presenting work but I can’t wait to see what the audience thinks of this new path I am taking! g