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A bit of culture for my weary soul

A bit of culture for my weary soul

Its been a longtime since I’ve posted. I have been busy with my graphic design business and also took a trip to my country of birth, la douce France.

Most of the time that I visit, I am usually busy running around visiting and catching up with my family.  This time, I made a point of visiting some historical monuments to soak in a bit of culture and history.

My first day in Paris and we were already off to visit Notre Dame de Paris – contemplating the beautiful architecture while eating a crêpe is definitely recommended. I can’t help but think of the many events that have happened there – good and bad. Can you believe that the cathedral is going to be 850 years old in 2012? My pictures really don’t do justice to the space and the hushed feeling of it all.

The next day was my visit to the Louvre. My first time there, we had already mapped online our tour of the museum’s greatest works notably Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa and works by Michelangelo. This was quite handy because truthfully the museum is too big to be able to see it all in one day. It is also very busy with visitors from around the world. Being an avid portraiture artist, I was awed by the Renaissance artists – especially with the details involved in the pieces.  Being there was inspiring – not only be because of the many beautiful pieces displayed there but also the sheer awesomeness of the Louvre itself. Once the royal palace of the Kings of France, the craftsmanship, beautiful marble staircases, the countless ceiling frescoes and intricate tiling was a sight to behold.  Every glance contained beauty.

Being originally from Lyon, this is where I spent the majority of my vacation. In between eating some very good home cooking, I visited 2 sites. The Basilica of Fourvière and the medieval city of Perouges, about 30 mn from Lyon.

Fourvière holds a close place to my heart. I have been coming to the Basilica since I was a little girl. My mother had her first communion there and my grandmother speaks of the many events she has attended. It is truly the symbol of Lyon (my favourite city in all of France!) Every time I visit the Basilica, I always notice something different – something that inspires me in my own art. This time around, I focused on the countless frescoes on the walls and on the floor – all beautifully done in mosaics. I have used mosaics in my artwork many times – putting my spin on it by doing it with fabric instead of glass/stone.
Rather than give you a complete historical overview – I would urge you to read up on it . Hopefully this will incite you to visit this beautiful city also known as the gastronomy capital of France. Not to be missed!
Pérouges is another place that I went too when I was younger. I remember day trips there with my grandparents and my uncles. It was on my list to see – first because I love history and secondly i wanted to see if it was anything like I had remembered. Pérouges is thought to have been founded by Gallic Settlers and can trace its roots back to the 1100s. I really appreciated visiting this village. It gives an insight to life in the middle ages and also how it has adapted to the modern age and being an avid historian, I am always amazed at the architecture they were able to achieve given their means.

My trips to France are usually very sentimental and this one was no different. It usually is when you are seeing the majority of your family every 2-3 years. You see everyone aging in blocks rather slowly and spend a lot of time listening to your elders talk about their life within the city, reminiscing about life in general. But my weary soul always needs to come back. These are my roots and make me realize what is important.
Here are some snapshots of my time there – hopefully they will be an inspiration to you. g
Notre Dame de Paris
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Le Louvre
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La Basilique Fourviére
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