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Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

the bad news? I have not created any new pieces since March of this year.

The good news?  I am back in the saddle. [thank goodness]

I usually don’t fight the moments when I want to do nothing more than curl in my chair and read a book. There’s a reason for it. Being a graphic designer has a tendency as well to sap the creativity out of you. when you force the creative process, it usually ends up looking contrived and untrue.

When I recently came across a stunning side profile picture of the talented  Saidah Babah Talibah on Facebook taken by equally talented photographer Anna Keenan. My comment was immediately .. I am drawing that. and so began the creative process once again.

As part of the process to get my mind into the artwork, I ask my subjects to answer a questionnaire about themselves so that I can understand them a bit further and hopefully not only get their physical image correct but also get an aura, a little bit of their soul unto my muslin. The more I do my research, the more excited I get about starting my work. Today, I was ready to start thinking about the actual piece.

Questionnaire in hand, profile picture and inspiration pictures printed out, I sat myself on my back porch and sketched out my idea for my new piece. My idea came together beautifully. Haven’t quite figured out everything out and for sure, Modern Batik will definitely throw me some curve balls along the way but my basic concept is there. and so is the drive. its good to be back.

Without given too much away, here is one of my inspiration for the piece; a visual posted by Saidah on her tumblr site. g.