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Abstract “ism”

Abstract “ism”


Although I have been an artist for many years, the times that I have attempted to do abstract have been very far and few between.  I always felt that the painting was not finished and the satisfaction of applying the final stroke of ink was never enough for me. My son thinks that I always need to compare my end product, need to see something concrete come out of my work. He may be right. Oddly enough, my most popular pieces to date have been my abstract pieces.  In one weekend, I sold both the original and the print of “Selam II” which was a study of cloth folds.

Clearly, there is something to be said about abstract art that draws people to purchase it more than portraiture or realism. Maybe it is because they can use their imagination to create a story around it or perhaps because they can easily blend it into their own decor. I myself am drawn more to portraiture – I love to weave stories around the faces that I see.

I recently went to the ROM on a school trip with my younger son’s class. We ended up in the Earth’s Treasures Gallery. The shapes and colours of the stones stirred my creative juices and I decided to try my hand again at abstract using the rocks as my inspiration. I felt the same way upon completing the piece but when I showed it to 2 friends – they were excited and raving about the results. I can’t say for certain that I completely understand the reaction and pull towards abstract but this time instead of focusing on the end product as an object, I am going to be pushing my modern batik techniques a little more and work on colour combinations which also greatly reflect my style of painting. This will help me gain greater understanding of abstract art on a whole. focusing on the postive. g.

PS above is a little taste of my adventure into abstract. The amazing thing about Modern Batik is that you can use the same drawing, apply the techniques and the artwork will never look the same twice. So I have decided to create a series of abstract pieces based on this concept and am hoping to have a exhibition some time this summer. I am on my second piece as we speak. so far.. so good!