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Always something to learn …

Always something to learn …

Back in April of last year, I taught my first adult Modern Batik workshop at Poetic Art Gallery. One of my participants was my lovely mother, Claude. From the start, she was so meticulous in her drawing and following my instructions to the letter. For a beginner, her completed batik was a complete and utter shock to me. My mother produced this amazing piece of artwork!!! I remember that I kept saying to her “This is so good.. wow!”. Her response? “Who do you think YOU learnt it from?”. That set the rest of the class laughing and shaking their heads. I guess this is one of those instances when you forget about who your parent really is, you only see them as a mother instead of someone who has created and accomplished many things in her own right. My mom has been key in my development as an artist. I remember her pushing me to redo portraits I had drawn because she sat there and pointed out all my mistakes. I wasn’t happy at the time but it helped me greatly for other portraits that came after. My mother is happily continuing to discover Modern Batik with her own interests in mind. She wants to convert her artwork into usable fabric to create bags and clothing. She is back to teaching me a couple of things or two.

On my end, I have just set a date for the first Modern Batik Creative Workshop of 2011. It will take place on Saturday February 26 and Sunday February 27 at Flux + Form, a jewelry studio on Sherbourne just north of Richmond. Space is limited so if you are interested, please check my event page for more information or CLICK HERE to download the application form. I hope to see you at the workshop and even though I am the instructor, Modern Batik definitely still teaches me a thing or two. that’s the beauty of it all. g.