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Once an artist..

Once an artist..

Once an artist – always an artist.

I like to work in all kinds of medium. some a little bit out of the ordinary. It doesn’t mean that I am good at them but the satisfaction of doing it makes it all worthwhile especially because I am in my kids’ good books for doing something they want me to do. So this year, I decided to make gingerbread men. from scratch. and yes. it was a lot of work. I even made the icing from scratch. and while I kept my son’s attention for a bit – by the 4th gingerbread man, he was done decorating. Which left me to complete the 50 or so left. My hands were cramped and my eyesight a little wonky but what satisfaction. especially the wide smile I got from my “assistant”.

Would I make them again? maybe, maybe not – I just like to try different things to keep the creativity going. It helps me with my art and my design business. The whole point of art is push yourself a little bit, not to be afraid to try something even if it doesn’t work out – you might get the best idea ever. just from picking up a spatula. how delicious. g.