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I have always been attracted to different mediums and fabric has always been at the top of my list. Growing up, my mom’s sewing studio was always overflowing with different kinds of fabric.

Textile Art came to me one day when visiting my mom – I saw all this Dupioni Silk in the garbage. She was working on Bridesmaid Dresses and the unusable cuts were thrown out. This seemed like a waste to me. That day, I rescued the silk from the bin and proceeded to figure out what to do with it. I am definitely not a seamstress so I began to play with the idea of gluing it unto paper –¬†Gluing it in big pieces was too hard to adhere so I started cutting it into squares, graduating unto canvas as my surface.

An avid portrait artist and a chalk artist since my teens, I wanted to incorporate that into my silk work. And so it became that I worked on my portrait first , put it on my canvas and then starting filling out the blank areas with the textile – mostly raw silk but also bits of beautiful Indonesian Batik.

Recently, I decided to do a piece in this style. It had been almost 3 yrs since I had done work in this medium. What a feeling! I definitely missed it. Chalk is very different from Modern Batik. What I didn’t miss though was the sticky fingers and gluing the fabric down. That being said, the results are stunning so I am glad that I did it.

I am calling the piece “Rebirth” – Sometimes its good to rejuvenate oneself and try something different. It opens up more possibilities!

Hope you enjoy this piece – would love to hear your feedback. g.